It finally started snowing again!

Everything feels so good right now. We just finished a huge teambuilding event and everyone was so happy! They loved the food I made – which was smoked & salted reindeer stew with chanterelles, carrots and red onions served with lingon berries, potatoes and flatbread. It was a great energy booster for the rest of the season 🙂

Now of course we are in clean-up faze which is less fun….

But like the title said: IT’S SNOWING!!! And boy do we need it. We have less then half the amount of snow we normally have this time of year. I think we might have 30 cm left after the last warm days and we normally have at least a meter to a meter-and-a-half. If we have any more warm days before we get some real new snow, we might be cancelling snowmobiling. And what is a winter without snowmobiling????

On the program for this weekend is more clean-up and maybe the Jokkmokk Market!! I have always wanted to go but we have been busy every year. It is actually only an hours drive so I am hopeful we will make it this year 🙂 Will be taking lots of pictures of course. I will try some tricks I learnt from Streets of Nuremberg blog and get some people shots.

~ Rebecca ~

Fun facts:

  • The Jokkmokk market is over 400 years old! This is the 412th to be exact.
  • I have now fallen down 18 times this winter – this is a very slippery winter!!! (but Thomas says its just me… ) The last one really hurt! I fell on the stairs…. 
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Busy busy busy & mother-of-pearl clouds.

Quick post today… because I am tiiiiiired!

We are so busy lately that it is insane! Am working about 14 hour days every day and it is wearing me down. But I have a break & dinner scheduled for Thursday 😀

The next 3 days we are welcoming about 75 guests. Imagine my horror when it started to rain a few days ago. Rain and 6 degrees. NOT NORMAL!!! If anyone was looking for an ice skating place the answer would be ‘outside’. Anywhere outside. One giant block of ice. Imagine 75 guests having to walk of few hundred meters on a giant block of ice.

Good thing a certain ‘person’ assured us that global warming is a hoax, otherwise I might have started to worry!!

But yesterday morning it was such a beautiful sunrise with stunning mother-of-pearl clouds so I went out to take some pictures! Well, I did not really go out…. I stood in the doorway because I did not have time to actually go out.

These are very slow-moving clouds. So I ended up with about 100 pictures of the same….. just slightly to the left, slightly to the right, slightly up, slightly down, slightly zoomed in and slightly zoomed out 😀

But here they are, my mother-of-pearl cloud pictures.

~ Rebecca ~

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The forest illuminated! Different world.

The woods look so different in the dark.

It is so important to have a good headlight out here. And how different pictures look when you shine a flashlight! It is hard to get good evening pictures, especially when it is really cold. Everything sparkles outside but you can not see it on pictures…. I have tried many many times. It really looks like everything is covered in crystals when it is cold.

You can catch a glimpse of it in the video I made, you can see a sparkle here and there. Imagine them everywhere 😀

The pictures are taken with a headlight on fullest. I kind of like the effect.

~ Rebecca ~


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Raya in the snow.

Business is thriving at the moment and we are busier then ever!

Which of course is a good thing! Between yesterday and next Wednesday we are greeting over 125 guests from all over the world.

Anyway, this post was suppose to be all about Raya. She loves the snow as some of you already know. So every evening we take some time and go outside to play in the snow. We throw snow high up in the air which she then tries to catch. It can be funny when she is trying to find the snowball that hit the ground….. it kinda disappears on her in between the rest of the snow so she tries to use her nose to ‘locate’ the snow . Silly girl.

I took some pictures of her in motion and am thrilled about how they turned out. I feel like I caught her spirit on camera, her love of the snow. You wouldn’t be able to tell that she is 11,5 years old by her lust for life.

My Raya, my girl. So much love.

~ Rebecca ~

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Tentipi in the dark.

Thomas and I are not agreeing on which pictures look best.

We had lights on in the tentipi and wanted to take some pictures where it looks illuminated in the dark. There are pictures with long exposure so you actually see some of the surrounding and then there are the ones where you really just see the tentipi lit up in the dark.

Which ones do you think look best?? I’m hoping to take some pictures of the tentipi with Northern Lights in the background. Great Northern Lights forecast for tonight and tomorrow night so keep your fingers crossed for good weather! 🍃🍃

~ Rebecca ~

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Winter Wonderland.

Oh wauw. It has been a week since I posted…..

Time goes by so fast!! We have been so busy with planning an upcoming event where almost 80 people will participate in a bushcraft evening. It is exciting to know so many people from all over the world are going to meet up here!

In between all of this planning we of course still have all of our other guests that come here for snowmobile safaris and other winter adventures. I keep on seeing these AMAZING views outside but I hardly have time to pick up the camera!! But I am always happy when our guests get to take pictures of this winter wonderland so they can be reminded of how beautiful this place is when they get home again. Me? I will see it again the next day!

I did manage to capture a great sunset when we were putting up the tentipi though. I will share that one. I also went for a short hike at Åbyälven and took some pictures of the fresh snowfall. In the very last picture you can spot our neighbors dogsledding! 🍃🍃

You see the tentipi? Imagine living in it for an entire year…. that will be our next project 🙂 But more on that later.

~ Rebecca ~

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Max the squirrel got busted!

So we have this squirrel living next door. His name is Max.

He lives there with a group of 2 or 3 other squirrels – they are also named Max (because I can not tell the difference…..)

Max was recently busted stealing the bird food. Max thought I could not see him. Max thought he could hide. Max was wrong – much to my delight!

Here in Swedish Lapland we have the typical red squirrel – the Sciurus vulgaris – which is the same squirrel as can be seen in most of Europe. They have now put on their winter coats, which is grey, and their ear muffs 🙂 They grow long tuffs of hair on top of their ears in winter time to stay warm. Too cute!

I have also now finally found a reason why to keep my windows clean.

~ Rebecca ~


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Blowing bubbles in minus 31°C.

I have had this idea in my head for such a long time.

I was actually waiting to do this for when it hits the minus 40°C but I figured minus 31° would also work 😀

I was full of anticipation, full of energy, full of excitement, full of childlike eagerness, full of wonder, full of happy. So I dressed warm and – two pairs of socks, two pair of pants, two sweaters, thermal boots, two pair of gloves later – I grabbed my camera and my little bubble maker that I bought at the kids store. What an adventure!!


Okay…… a couple of things:

  1. There was too much wind so my bubbles blew away before I could focus.
  2. My bubble maker froze solid within two minutes :O
  3. I froze solid (well almost…) after five minutes.
  4. So did my camera.

Yes, I could dress warmer BUT you can not work the camera with woolen mittens on. I should have needed a helper outside, someone that could blow bubbles for me! Any volunteers? I could also try adding more soap to my bubble water, maybe it would freeze slower?

So what happened to the bubbles blown, you ask? They froze! Haha!! I could pick them up 😀 . I managed to blow quite a few bubbles in under two minutes so there were SOOOO many frozen bubbles on the ground in front of me. Add an awesome sunset to that and voila, you have a photoshoot.

I am definitely going to try this again, it was fun! But the whole adventure was over in under 15 minutes….. I spent more time dressing for being outside than actually being outside. It sure was cold! 🍃🍃

~ Rebecca ~

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Testing fire making skills in minus 31°C.

What to do in the evening in Swedish Lapland when you don’t have any guests?

Well why not practice on fire making skills. It is a huge difference making a fire in plus degrees with dry wood in the summer compared to building one in 30 minus degrees (C) with frozen fuel. As you know the fire needs three things. Air, fuel and heat (the triangle of fire). 
I can assure you that if you have 30 minus degrees to start with it takes a lot more energy to build up the heat for a successful and sustainable fire. Add some snow to the situation and it might not be a walk in the park. Especially if you have frozen numbed fingers. One should never stop practicing on these vital survival skills that can save one’s life. That is why I took my axe and fire steel and went outside to practice on building myself a sustainable fire with frozen wood, in the snow! 
Sign up for a bushcraft and survival course and we will teach you how to make a fire in all kinds of weathers may it be raining cats and dogs or deep snow and very cold. Then keep on training and you will have a sure fire during any circumstances. 🍃🍃

~ Thomas & Rebecca ~


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Winter is back!

It is finally cold again! Around the -20°C. YEAH!

It has been somewhat of a weird winter…. a friend of mine called the winter of 2016 an asshole (öy I laughed :D) and I totally agree! We did get a lot of snow in November, which saved our Christmas snowmobiling season, but then in December it got warmer – and warmer. At one point it was 6°C! It was hard to watch everything melt like that…. we are not suppose to get that much slush and snirt (visit the link if you wanna know what snirt is) this early in the season. After this 6°C we got another dip in temperature, but not really any new snow.

Between Christmas and New Year it got warm again. Of course the snowmobile guests appreciated this – I did not. I can hardly walk when it melts like this. It is one big giant frozen puddle (which does create great picture opportunities!). Everything outside of the door one big giant block of ice. I am clumsy to start with so this was REDICULOUS! On the 31st of December I fell 3 times over a distance of 50 meters…. much to the amusement of my husband. Raya (my dog which I was walking and therefor attached to) just looked at me after the third fall… she seemed to say ‘maybe you shouldn’t get up’. I had to walk with a stick to minimized the times I would fall. Thomas asked if me walking with a cane was a result of me having a birthday and feeling old…. 🍃🍃

Anyway, number of times fallen down this winter: 13.

~ Rebecca ~

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