Wilderness Life is an outdoor nature adventure company. We offer accommodation in our wilderness lodge as well as in our wilderness cottages. At the lodge you will find everything you need from comfortable rooms decorated in wilderness style with an open fire Place, a restaurant that serves food inspired by the northern wilderness and a bar, sauna and a comfortable lounge where you can relax after your exiting day.

We arrange activities all year around. In the summer you can fish in one of our 4000 lakes and streams (some of them are our private Waters). Fishing can be done on your own or with an experienced guide. Other summer activities is bushcraft & survival, hiking, canoeing etc. In the autumn we arrange hunting and in the winter you can go on a snowmobile safari, let the sled dogs pull you through the wonderful landscape and do some ice fishing. Up here in Swedish Lapland where you can find Europe´s last wilderness you can enjoy almost any outdoor activity you could imagine or just come here to enjoy the tranquility and beautiful nature.

All our activities is tailored to suit both families with children as well as avid outdoorsmen.

The people behind the company Wilderness Life is Thomas and Rebecca Turpeinen.

Rebecca is 33 years old and is a Belgian/Canadian citizen. As Rebecca has a degree in art and has for many years attended art school and art courses, it is obviously she who will be holding our jewelry and art courses. Her handmade jewelry has won numerous prizes in various competitions and her jewelry is of course also for sale in our shop. Rebecca also has a great love for nature and wildlife and has spent the past eight summers on nature adventures in the area surrounding our Wilderness Lodge. She likes to fish and is a photography enthusiast who can often be found outdoors with a camera at hands. Rebecca speaks Dutch, English and Danish, and always has a smile on her face.

Thomas is 40 years old and originally from Dalarna, Sweden. He has spent over 500 nights in a sleeping bag, on various adventures in the wild. He is an avid angler who soaked his first hook before the age of three and he is absolutely crazy about nature. Thomas is our lead instructor and guide for our courses and activities in the nature. He has completed two certification programs in Bushcraft & Survival and is certified in wilderness medicine (NOLS) which qualifies him to take care of our guests in the safest and most responsible way. He speaks Swedish, Danish and English and has for many years been a floorball coach at elite and national team level, so the ability to communicate knowledge and to guide is close at hand.


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  1. Thanks much for visiting my site – am so glad its led me to yours! Wishing the 2 of you only the very best for 2017!

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  2. An amazing blog you have here. Pics are gorgeous.

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