Where is our snow????

Today I made a ‘lost’ poster and posted it online…..

I am looking for our snow. Our snow has gone missing. I believe it may have ran away to the south which is very bad for its health.
Please, if you see snow, bring it back!! On picture number 1 you can see that snows home is very empty, on picture number 2 you can see what snow looks like.

Because of this extreme heat ( πŸ˜€ , it is 5Β° C) it is one big skating rink outside…. AGAIN!! But no fear Janet, I will stay on my feet πŸ˜€ I have spikes now!!

~ Rebecca ~


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3 thoughts on “Where is our snow????

  1. You are too much. So glad you got the spikes! I do remember falling down when I lived in the snow and it is pretty risky, and SO unexpected every time it happened. I wonder where the snow went???? Love you girl.

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    • We should be getting some new snow this weekend…. yeah πŸ™‚
      And yes, every of the 19 times I fell this winter it was COMPLETELY unexpected!! Out of the blue, just walking around and then…. not.

      Good thing a certain a** has assured everyone that global warming is a hoax…. otherwise I would maybe be worried about our snow disappearing. ( –> sarcasm….. )

      Love you too!!

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