It finally started snowing again!

Everything feels so good right now. We just finished a huge teambuilding event and everyone was so happy! They loved the food I made – which was smoked & salted reindeer stew with chanterelles, carrots and red onions served with lingon berries, potatoes and flatbread. It was a great energy booster for the rest of the season 🙂

Now of course we are in clean-up faze which is less fun….

But like the title said: IT’S SNOWING!!! And boy do we need it. We have less then half the amount of snow we normally have this time of year. I think we might have 30 cm left after the last warm days and we normally have at least a meter to a meter-and-a-half. If we have any more warm days before we get some real new snow, we might be cancelling snowmobiling. And what is a winter without snowmobiling????

On the program for this weekend is more clean-up and maybe the Jokkmokk Market!! I have always wanted to go but we have been busy every year. It is actually only an hours drive so I am hopeful we will make it this year 🙂 Will be taking lots of pictures of course. I will try some tricks I learnt from Streets of Nuremberg blog and get some people shots.

~ Rebecca ~

Fun facts:

  • The Jokkmokk market is over 400 years old! This is the 412th to be exact.
  • I have now fallen down 18 times this winter – this is a very slippery winter!!! (but Thomas says its just me… ) The last one really hurt! I fell on the stairs…. 
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5 thoughts on “Snow!!

  1. Yay for snow and I hope you do go to that market! I’d love to see it if you make it. Stop falling woman! You’re going to break something. 😉 xoxo

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