Busy busy busy & mother-of-pearl clouds.

Quick post today… because I am tiiiiiired!

We are so busy lately that it is insane! Am working about 14 hour days every day and it is wearing me down. But I have a break & dinner scheduled for Thursday 😀

The next 3 days we are welcoming about 75 guests. Imagine my horror when it started to rain a few days ago. Rain and 6 degrees. NOT NORMAL!!! If anyone was looking for an ice skating place the answer would be ‘outside’. Anywhere outside. One giant block of ice. Imagine 75 guests having to walk of few hundred meters on a giant block of ice.

Good thing a certain ‘person’ assured us that global warming is a hoax, otherwise I might have started to worry!!

But yesterday morning it was such a beautiful sunrise with stunning mother-of-pearl clouds so I went out to take some pictures! Well, I did not really go out…. I stood in the doorway because I did not have time to actually go out.

These are very slow-moving clouds. So I ended up with about 100 pictures of the same….. just slightly to the left, slightly to the right, slightly up, slightly down, slightly zoomed in and slightly zoomed out 😀

But here they are, my mother-of-pearl cloud pictures.

~ Rebecca ~


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2 thoughts on “Busy busy busy & mother-of-pearl clouds.

  1. Beautiful Rebecca!

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