Raya in the snow.

Business is thriving at the moment and we are busier then ever!

Which of course is a good thing! Between yesterday and next Wednesday we are greeting over 125 guests from all over the world.

Anyway, this post was suppose to be all about Raya. She loves the snow as some of you already know. So every evening we take some time and go outside to play in the snow. We throw snow high up in the air which she then tries to catch. It can be funny when she is trying to find the snowball that hit the ground….. it kinda disappears on her in between the rest of the snow so she tries to use her nose to ‘locate’ the snow . Silly girl.

I took some pictures of her in motion and am thrilled about how they turned out. I feel like I caught her spirit on camera, her love of the snow. You wouldn’t be able to tell that she is 11,5 years old by her lust for life.

My Raya, my girl. So much love.

~ Rebecca ~


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3 thoughts on “Raya in the snow.

  1. ❤❤ so very cool Rebecca! I viewed on phone…going to PC to see larger!

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  2. Oh I love those! Really, really interesting effect. 🙂


  3. Love the effects ! Thanks for sharing!


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