Max the squirrel got busted!

So we have this squirrel living next door. His name is Max.

He lives there with a group of 2 or 3 other squirrels – they are also named Max (because I can not tell the difference…..)

Max was recently busted stealing the bird food. Max thought I could not see him. Max thought he could hide. Max was wrong – much to my delight!

Here in Swedish Lapland we have the typical red squirrel – the Sciurus vulgaris – which is the same squirrel as can be seen in most of Europe. They have now put on their winter coats, which is grey, and their ear muffs 🙂 They grow long tuffs of hair on top of their ears in winter time to stay warm. Too cute!

I have also now finally found a reason why to keep my windows clean.

~ Rebecca ~


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7 thoughts on “Max the squirrel got busted!

  1. I do love those sneaky critters! I have one that would leap off my deck into the trees when he saw me pull into the driveway because our history together with the bird feeder. 🙂

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    • But in all honesty, we did put up the bird feeders to feed the squirrels, not the birds (squirrels are so darn cute!). But he looked sooooo busted, he had a look on his little face that seemed to say ‘uh-oooh’.

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  2. Denzil - Life Sentences

    Great shots. Love the silhouettes in particular, showing off his tufts!

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  3. Very cool photos with the sunlight there! I especially love the squirrel’s silhouette, what a great capture!

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