Winter is back!

It is finally cold again! Around the -20°C. YEAH!

It has been somewhat of a weird winter…. a friend of mine called the winter of 2016 an asshole (öy I laughed :D) and I totally agree! We did get a lot of snow in November, which saved our Christmas snowmobiling season, but then in December it got warmer – and warmer. At one point it was 6°C! It was hard to watch everything melt like that…. we are not suppose to get that much slush and snirt (visit the link if you wanna know what snirt is) this early in the season. After this 6°C we got another dip in temperature, but not really any new snow.

Between Christmas and New Year it got warm again. Of course the snowmobile guests appreciated this – I did not. I can hardly walk when it melts like this. It is one big giant frozen puddle (which does create great picture opportunities!). Everything outside of the door one big giant block of ice. I am clumsy to start with so this was REDICULOUS! On the 31st of December I fell 3 times over a distance of 50 meters…. much to the amusement of my husband. Raya (my dog which I was walking and therefor attached to) just looked at me after the third fall… she seemed to say ‘maybe you shouldn’t get up’. I had to walk with a stick to minimized the times I would fall. Thomas asked if me walking with a cane was a result of me having a birthday and feeling old…. 🍃🍃

Anyway, number of times fallen down this winter: 13.

~ Rebecca ~

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3 thoughts on “Winter is back!

  1. beautiful – especially the dog rolling in the snow 🙂 thank you for visiting my blog, especially as its led me to yours

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