HAPPY NEW YEAR & favorite sunset!

Short post today….

Just wanted to wish everyone a happy HAPPY New Year!!

May all your dreams come true, may you have love in your life, pay it forward if you can and we will see you next year!!

This was my favorite sunset of 2016. The blue pictures are on the same road at the exact same time, just facing the other direction! What a contrast!! 🍃🍃 Thank you Streets of Nuremberg for inspiration, I got down low and used a (frozen) puddle 😀

~ Rebecca ~



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9 thoughts on “HAPPY NEW YEAR & favorite sunset!

  1. Incredible photos 🙂

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  2. Wonderful photos, Rebecca ! Have a great great 2017! And thanks for the re-blog, highly appreciated!

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  3. Happy New Year Rebecca!! Lovely photos. I’m going to go look at them on my phone- it seems to work better. I’m so glad that we met and look forward to a new year sharing photos, tidbits, and talks about God. Peace and love!

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  4. Whew! Beautiful!!!


  5. Absolutely stunning sunset photos – well worth grovelling in the ice! 😀
    Happy New Year to you and yours. 🙂

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