Almost Christmas!

Just a quick update.

It has been kind of a strange winter so far…. with rain yesterday evening and +5°C today and maybe tomorrow. It is melting outside, something we normally do not see until spring time. As in end of May.

We are lucky that we had the amount of snow that we did in November, other wise there would be nothing left!! Scary thought. But on the bright side: When it now freezes (which it WILL) we will get a VERY good base snow layer for the season. Strong snow tightly packed together. Of course we would like more snow on top of this layer, a meter would be good.

We have had our first group of guests already but we are expecting A LOT of people from Christmas. So I have been busy preparing foods, baking, cleaning, preparing snowmobiles, doing some more commercial, making videos… Yes, I’ve been keeping busy 🙂

Right now I am making a stew called ‘Suovas’. It is a local dish made up of salted and smoked finely sliced reindeer meat prepared with chanterelles, red onions and carrots in a creamy sauce. This is normally served with potatoes, salad, local lingonberries (picked by yours truly!) and Swedish ‘tunnbröd’ (hard flatbread). All of these ingredients can be found right outside!

A true Lapland dish 🍃🍃

~ Rebecca ~


Don’t tell him though……. he looks so blissfully happy.DSC_2415 (2).JPG



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2 thoughts on “Almost Christmas!

  1. Haha. You had my mouth watering until I saw reindeer. Maybe I’m not as adventurous as I thought! Looks delicious! And the pictures are great. Wow…busy alright!

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