My winter wonderland.

Let’s go, let’s go, into the wild, let’s go.

Let’s get lost, let’s get lost, into the wild, let’s get lost.

I breath, I breath, into the wild, I breath.

Into the wild, into the wild, now I live, into the wild. 🍃🍃

~ Rebecca ~

Categories: Bushcraft & Survival, Fishing in Lapland, Landscape, Lapland, Living in the wild, Nature, Photography, Snow, Sunrise & sunsets, Sweden, Swedish Lapland, Wilderness Life, Winter in Lapland | 3 Comments

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3 thoughts on “My winter wonderland.

  1. Is that the sun I see?? 😉 Beautiful!

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    • It is the sun! But these pictures were taken in he spring when we went ice fishing. We hardly get to see the sun now…. we are down to about 3 hours of daylight. Every time the sun is out we are either seeing a sunrise or a sunset. 😀 Crazy sun…..

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      • Oh wow. Truthfully, I could live with the 3 hours of sun- maybe- it’s the snow I have trouble with. BUT if it means seeing those northern lights and the other weird clouds you posted, it’s worth it.

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