‘Mother of pearl’ cloud anyone?

Or Nacreous clouds to be more exact.

These are rare and are usually seen within 2 hours of sunset or right before dawn. I took these pictures today around 3 pm (yes, that is our sunset at the moment….. it is completely dark and the moon is out as I am writing this. Welcome to the Arctic Circle 😀 ). 

Anyways, what is a Nacreous cloud, you ask? It is a cloud way up high in the lower stratosphere about 15 to 25 km high ( 9 to 16 miles for our American friends), as a comparison I can tell you that planes usually cruise at an altitude of about 10 km. The reason why they are so bright is because of their height. They are still lit up by the sun whereas everything else is not. They appear when the temperature in the lower stratosphere sinks to a whopping minus 85°C -Brrrrrrrrrr- (that is minus 121°F) and are actually clouds of ice particles.

Why are these clouds rare? It is not that often that the temperature sinks to this level even in the stratosphere. On top of that, it is not that common that clouds form in the stratosphere. And on top of that, the cloud needs to have similar sized ice crystals which make up for the cloud. On TOP of all of this, it has to be somewhat of a clear sky to see them.

Where can they be seen? North! And winter, we got both of those down :).

~ Rebecca ~


Fun facts:

  • The stratosphere is part of the atmosphere which is divided in three levels. The troposphere – this is were most weather forms -, the stratosphere and then the mesosphere.
  • So far this winter I have fallen down 8 times on the icy snowy roads.



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4 thoughts on “‘Mother of pearl’ cloud anyone?

  1. So pretty, they look ethereal

    Liked by 2 people

  2. and on top of THAT… you need to be there to capture them on camera! Very cool! And stop falling down… you’re going to get hurt.

    Liked by 1 person

    • Exactly! I forgot that one. I was working on the snowmobiles when I noticed these clouds and ran in to get the camera which hardly had any battery left. I am so bad with keeping my batteries loaded.

      And I am kind of surprised I have not injured myself yet…. but it is colder now which means it is less slippery out 🙂 Less ice, just compacted snow.

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