Stowaway squirrel.

Can’t really blame him/her for hiding out in our shed…. but it really shouldn’t be in here.

The door blew open on Saturday so I am thinking he/she snuck in then… which means it has been in there for 4 days already and there isn’t much food in our shed.

I left the door open now, and I left food. Probaby not a good combo but I am worried it hasn’t eaten. It should eat something before he/she goes out into the winter again. If it decides to make our shed its home, I will have to show him/her the door!

FYI, I first thought it was a giant rat πŸ™‚ Just saw the head and body underneath some wood. It would have been okay if it had been a rat, they can get in and out. The squirrel can not.

But ain’t she (I decided on she and named her Mary) cute? πŸƒπŸƒ

~ Rebecca ~

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10 thoughts on “Stowaway squirrel.

  1. S/He is cute πŸ™‚ Nice to find somewhere out of the cold, but s/he needs a food supply – maybe training you? πŸ™‚

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  2. Haha maybe! Nah, she must already have a nest with supplies somewhere. But she can finish the snacks I left for her and I’ll check again tomorrow.

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  3. Too sweet. I love squirrels!

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    • Adorable, right? We only have the red squirrel up here in the north. Their furs turns somewhat grey in winter time but their tails stay red. I’ll have to go check on her tomorrow. See what she is up to.

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      • We had one about a year ago that literally crawled up the screen door and had his head inside through a tear in the screen. Once you feed them in the yard they get pushy πŸ˜‰ Good luck with yours!

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  4. She certainly is cute. You’ve made me think about my shed, though…the door blew open here as well. Maybe I’d better go check!

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  5. Never understood what folks had against hitch hiking beasties….has anyone out there NOT wanted a squirrel for a friend?

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    • Exactly! I hear so many people complaining about squirrels ‘stealing’ bird food. Maybe it is the birds stealing squirrel food!! I love watching them run back forth and back and forth filling up their little cheeks while they get ready for winter.

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