Pros & cons: winter in Swedish Lapland.

Like everything in life, so does winter in Lapland have its pros and cons. Here are a few in my humble opinion.


  • It’s beautiful!
  • You can go snowmobiling.
  • You can go dogsledding!!
  • My dog, Raya, loves the snow.
  • It becomes really quiet.
  • It’s beautiful!! (I know, I said that already but it really is)
  • Everything becomes pure & white.
  • You can go places… secret places.
  • Northern Lights are easier to see.
  • Sauna time!!
  • There is something called ‘spring-winter’.
  • You can see millions and millions of stars.
  • You can gain some weight and call it ‘winter-isolation’ :).
  • Lots of baggy clothes! (baggy=comfy)
  • Hats are a must and I love hats.
  • You have better reasons for starting a fire in the fireplace inside.
  • Witnessing everything come back to life in the spring!
  • Oh, and you can go snowmobiling :).


  • It is cold. As in holy f#*k it is cold….
  • It takes 15 minutes to get dressed to take the dogs out.
  • It takes half an hour to get the car ready.
  • You can actually get trapped because of the amount of snow.
  • You need to be prepared for emergencies, like ALL the time.
  • The beginning of winter is kinda dark… We are talking about max 3 hours of daylight.
  • Did I mention it gets cold?? Like minus 40°C cold?
  • You need to dig stuff out of the snow on a daily basis.
  • It takes 15 minutes to get undressed after you have taken the dogs out.
  • Shoveling snow!!
  • If you lose something in the snow it is gone….. FOREVER!!
  • I am a clumsy person which means I fall down A LOT during winter.
  • When winter comes to an end you have slush… lots and lots of cold, wet slush.

Fun facts:

– It is possible for your nose to freeze shut if you squeeze it in minus 40°C. Hehe.

– Minus 40° Celsius and minus 40° Fahrenheit are the same! It is where the temperatures on the Celsius scale and the Fahrenheit scale meet.




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13 thoughts on “Pros & cons: winter in Swedish Lapland.

  1. Oh my gosh… you are funny! I moved from Colorado for a lot of those con reasons. I never lost anything in the snow though. Are you sure you can’t find it after snow melts?? 😉 I take it those pictures are recent, that you got that snow you’ve been waiting for… Anyway, thanks for making me laugh. I related to quite a few of those on the list. Especially the cold as you know what LOL

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    • Thank you for reading! Yes, we finally got snow but now I will of course complain about the type of snow 🙂 It’s the wet and heavy kind, not the dry and lightweight which would have been good for the ice.

      The problem with losing something in the snow is the snowplowing that comes afterwards! It will not stay there where you dropped it…. so nope, gone… FOREVER!!

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  2. truly expresses
    the beautiful
    cold 🙂


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  4. The pictures are amazing.


  5. We’re standing at 5 degrees, and I’m complaining about that! As I’ve gotten older I drop things a lot. Like car keys. Into the snow. So I could really relate! However I like solitude and it seems like these days the only way to have that is to live where few others are willing to, so I’ve had a very similar conversation with myself about this. You’re very funny. Hope you stay safe and warm.

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  6. Great post and love the pictures

    Liked by 1 person

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