How to prepare for Laplands winter!!

Like the title says…..

It’s been kinda quiet on this blog the past week. The snow has definitely arrived and we are very busy preparing for winter.

We have to:

  • Update our website (well…. almost) Wanna have a look? It’s
  • Drag about 800 kg of pellets to basement for heating (which will last for a few months… ) 
  • Make sure we have wood at the cabins for heating
  • Put down snow-sticks for plowing
  • Put spike tires on car
  • Take down all winter clothes, snow overalls and heavy boots from attic
  • Find woolen… well… EVERYTHING (hats, underwear, gloves, sweaters, socks….
  • Find long… also EVERYTHING….. (hats, underwear, gloves, sweaters, socks….
  • Put up hangers for guests snow overalls and boots
  • Find all snow shovels (which DISAPEAR every freakin’ season) 
  • Find all ice-scratching-thingies for cars ( yes, they also disappear every season)
  • Fill up emergency bag in car (food, survival stuff) (yepp, serious business living out here 🙂 You can actually DIE if your car gets stuck and you are not prepared)
  • Put a bag of warm clothes & blankets in car (in case we get stuck in minus 40 °)
  • Put a shovel in the car
  • Prepare for power outages…. they come every year and when your heating needs power the sh*t can hit the fan quit fast if you are not prepared
  • Make sure roofs don’t cave when snow falls….
  • Put cable for the engine heater in the car
  • Cover and remove everything that you do not want lost in the snow (try finding something underneath 1 meter of snow….. that is A LOT of shoveling)
  • Get all snowmobiles ready for use
  • Fill all bird feeders, the poor things. It still amazes me that these tiny things, maybe 5 cm tall with their tiny bodies survive these winters 
  • …… ya, that was it for now I think…….

Ladies & Gentlemen, we will now have snow for the next 6 months and as you can see I am not prepared yet 🙂 But is sure is beautiful.

~ Rebecca ~

PS: Wanna guess which animal left this? I love tracks 🙂

20161102_124846 (2).jpg


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6 thoughts on “How to prepare for Laplands winter!!

  1. So beautiful! I can only imagine how cold it must get – it never snows here in Cape Town (plus it’s summer now). No idea on the paw print – looks like a dog with long toes! Do you get raccoons?

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    • Hi there! At the moment it ain’t that cold… I think we had about minus 10° today. But it is really good when it is this cold before we get too much snow. It makes the ice on the lakes set better. If we first get snow and then cold there will be a lot of water on the ice…. so you would have some ice, 20-30 cm water and then a meter snow on top. Not fun. So right now, the colder the better 🙂 But you have no snow?? Like, ever?

      Liked by 1 person

      • That’s so interesting! 🙂
        There will be snow in some places in South Africa in winter, but Never in Cape Town – where it rarely gets below 9C in midwinter.


  2. Meillä on ensimainen lumi tänään. Tervetuloa, talvi!

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