Typical frosty autumn-winter day.

Aaaaaaaah. An autumn-winter day! It ain’t autumn, it ain’t winter.

To hike out into the woods on a day like this… is good for the soul. It is amazing out. It is frost, it is cold, the ice is starting to set and the sun makes everything sparkle. The elks (or moose for our American friends) have left tracks in the snow, the birds are eager to eat the seeds we leave out, the reindeer are finding comfort in flocks and the squirrels are busy filling up their supplies for this winter.

There is this anticipation in the air. Everyone, four-legged, winged and two-legged are getting ready for what is to come. We are getting ready for meters deep snow, for minimal sunlight and for -40°C.

We are all getting ready. We all have this common and at this moment we are one with nature. 🍃🍃

~ Rebecca ~

Categories: Arvidsjaur, Auktsjaur, Autumn in Lapland, Bushcraft & Survival, Landscape, Lapland, Living in the wild, Nature, Photography, Snow, Sunrise & sunsets, Sweden, Swedish Lapland, Wilderness Life, Winter in Lapland | 1 Comment

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One thought on “Typical frosty autumn-winter day.

  1. Beautiful pictures!


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