Yesterday we had our first real snow of the season. YEAH!!

Winter has arrived. Although there are still hints of autumn as well… you can still see the yellows and reds popping out from under the snow. We actually call this the autumn-winter season 🙂 Original huh.

Up here in Swedish Lapland, you could say that we have 8 seasons. The normal summer, autumn, winter and spring and then the combination of these. The kind of weather that we have at the moment would definitely be defined as winter in the south but is no way near our kind of winter… we want/need the meters deep snow :). Until then, it aint winter.

I can explain why and what our 8 seasons are in another post if anyone is interested.

The snowmobiles are ready and the snow is on its way. Life is good. You see the log cabin in the top right picture? That’s where I live. 🍃🍃

~ Rebecca ~


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5 thoughts on “Snow!!

  1. Beautiful pictures.

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  2. I miss snow. Hopefully this Christmas when we went to Oregon, US to see our daughter and her husband, we’ll have some snow.

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    • This is nothing yet :D. This is a very wet time of year when it stays around the 0°C. Right now it’s kina raining kinda snowing. I’m looking forward to the real snow, the time when you need snowshoes to get around, the time that it’s minus 20°C or even minus 40°C and I can really experiment with water and photography.
      Oh, the good is yet to come :). Thanks for commenting!

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