Beauty in Black&White part 2

This world is so focused on color nowadays.

I’ll try to explain what it is that I like about black & white photographs.

A black & white photograph makes the subject seem

  • effortless
  • timeless
  • beyond our perception of the world
  • classic
  • old
  • modern
  • artistic
  • sad
  • pure


Not all pictures are black & white material… they are mere ‘pictures’. I am writing about the greatness of a photograph and what it can do. Do not misunderstand, there are some tremendously beautiful photographs out there in full color that have touched people. But for me converting these into black & white makes them effortless and timeless and beyond our perception of the world and classic and old and modern and artistic and sad and pure – all at the same time = the power of a photograph.

I hope that some day my photographs will have that power.


So I decided to remove the color from my photographs that I have taken this year… we do not need color. The beauty is there but if you refuse to see it, you never ever will.

~ Rebecca ~

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