The Northern Lights activity from last night.

So I heard there was going to be a lot of Northern Lights activity yesterday evening… Like A LOT. I contemplated for quite some time if it was worth walking home, getting all of my camera equipment ready and to head out. Especially after the last fiasco… 

I decided it was worth it and this is the result!

Did you know we arrange Northern Lights Snowmobile safaris?
We have perfect conditions to see the Northern Lights up here. Come join us for a snowmobile Safari out into the wilderness, into the darkness to search for the Northern Lights. It is an amazing feeling to drive out into the woods, turn off the snowmobiles….. First complete darkness, then, if lucky, the sky turns flashes of green which dances above you. And the silence. Complete silence.

PS: Look at that moon!!

~Rebecca ~


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8 thoughts on “The Northern Lights activity from last night.

  1. Beautiful! 🙂

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  2. Gorgeous photos!

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  3. Hi Rebecca, Do you live in Alaska. I always want to see the Northern lights. My sister’s family saw them once, but they went to Canada to see them. It’s fascinating. Thanks for the follow. We’ll be in touch.

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    • No I actually live in the north of Sweden 🙂 In Swedish Lapland. I am not Swedish myself though, I am half Canadian and half Belgian. I am still in aw every time I see the Northern Lights. We have had a lot of activity so far this autumn.

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      • Now I remember one nature video we watched showing the Northern Lights seeing from Sweden. I commented to my husband that I thought people can only see them in Alaska. When I check the calendar, there one day a year that the Northern Lights are most active (from Alaska). The airfare is super high. We should go to Sweden to see them instead.

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