What a beautiful day.

That’s it really, what a beautiful day! 🙂

Winter is definitely on its way. The day started out with mild frost and the first ice. Incredibly sunny day & absolutely stunning. The sun makes all the frost sparkle like everything is covered in tiny diamonds.

The temperature will stay around the 0° C today. We hope the following days are cold as well, it is so much better when the ice on the lakes sets before the snow falls.

Did you know we have around 4000 lakes in our area, which is called Arvidsjaur? That is almost a lake per person 🙂 . We live in a small village called Auktsjaur which is located within Arvidsjaur County and we currently have a population of 50 people over an area of about 56 hectares…. yepp, we got space. 🍃🍃

~ Rebecca ~

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3 thoughts on “What a beautiful day.

  1. Well done, photographer 🙂 I hope to upload some new pics too soon.

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  2. Yes you do! 🙂 You introduced yourself in one of the comments on my blog and I remember it 🙂

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