Mighty mighty waters.

I recently visited a place called Trollforsen on the Pite River. The Pite River is one of 4 of Sweden’s biggest rivers which remains largely untouched.

It is also the river that has Storforsen, which is one of Europes biggest rapids. Storforsen is actually a big tourist destination… which is why I visit Trollforsen instead :). Even though Storforsen has its beauty, it is nothing like Trollforsen which feels magical. This is where the river splits in two and flows & roars around an island. This island has one access point, one small bridge.

Trollforsen means ‘troll rapids’ in English and trolls have their origin in Scandinavian mythology. As my friend and I were hiking around this island we came to the conclusion that all the odd looking trees were the trolls. We figured that the trolls do not like people so when people approach they turn into trees so they would not be noticed. And when we turn our backs to them, they go on with their lives and whatever they were doing. One of the trolls was obviously playing soccer :D.

~ Rebecca ~


Everytime I go to this place I always find myself drawn to the rapids. The way the water flows. It’s powerful. Nothing can stop it. Not even our cold winters with its minus 40° will freeze this mighty river. It makes you feel small. This river has roared like this long before I came and will continue doing so long long after I have left this earth. That is the power it has.

This is the place I like to take our visitors. It is beautiful, it is magical and if offers great fishing. What else does one need?

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