Photoshoot with a dog….

So we went hiking today! And since it was beautiful in the nature reserve that we were at, I decided to do a photoshoot with Raya….

Raya is an 11 year-old german shepherd that we have had the pleasure and privilege of knowing since she was a pup. She is amazing in every sense of the word. She has character and humor, compassion and strength. And I think she might have a bug up her butt…. she could not sit still today!!

But happy she was. Running around being mischievous, eating ‘pinnes’ (sticks) which she is not allowed to, walking off going on little adventures, again, which she is not allowed to… trying to eat our snacks, you guessed it; which she is not allowed to.

She was not on her best behavior today, my little girl, and this is the result… But check out the last two pictures 🙂 There is wisdom in those eyes. My Raya, my girl. So much love.




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One thought on “Photoshoot with a dog….

  1. Wow, she is a beautiful girl! My dog, a half-shepherd half-husky, always perks up in the fall and can be a bit naughty 🙂


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