The feelings of autumn.

Hi everyone!

Autumn has arrived in Swedish Lapland! Right now I would probably tell you that this is the most beautiful season we have up here…. but I will probably also write that about winter in a few months.

I fall in love with every season as they come, every time all over again! The colors I see when I hike through the woods are bright yellows, oranges, deep ochers, chocolate browns, crimson reds mixed with scarlet with a background of mighty pine and spruce trees that have turned a dark shade of green. Then you arrive at a mirror-blank lake and all of this beauty is reflected into the deep, clear waters. It is A-M-A-Z-I-N-G. It is nature at its finest and it is here where I find myself over and over again. To hike through these woods away from the world that calls itself civilized, and into beauty – into the wild – is what I want to do.

Too few people see this beauty. I think the world would be more at peace if more people could see it. 

I can share a thousand pictures with you of how beautiful it is but you will never be able to grasp it until you come see it for yourself. We have Europes last wilderness up here. It is great and it is powerful. The smells, the life – it all feels so real up here. The wildlife is totally in sync with the nature it is surrounded with. I admire them, I envy them.



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4 thoughts on “The feelings of autumn.

  1. Kathy flietstra

    Wow….. Realy beautifull…..


  2. What a beautiful setting! 🙂 Is this where the lodge is? Thanks for following my blog. blessings, Brad


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