The Challenge is over.

30 nights in an unheated tent just south of the Arctic Circle is over. I have not had time to do any vids or updates on the blog for the last period of time but I have shot some video for some of the final days (some ice fishing, snowmobiling etc.) that I will try to upload in the weekend.

Warmest temperature +5 degrees C. Coldest temperature -30 degrees C. All in all we got to test our equipment during actual circumstances and we can feel happy and safe with it. I hope that we will see some colder days in the future so that we can find out what the extreme temp of our sleeping bag is. Down to -30 degrees C has not been any problem. Of course with the right clothes on the body and the right food and plenty of hydration in the body.

A special thank you to C2 Vertical Safety, Exped and Devold who has sponsored this challenge and made my life out there so much better. A special thanks to the Petzl Nao headlight that has not let me down at any time. This little fellow will certainly be one of my trusted friends on my future adventures.

Check back in the weekend for the final videos and updates about this 30 night Adventure 🙂

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2 thoughts on “The Challenge is over.

  1. Samuel Svanström

    Kul att du klarade av utmaningen. Stort grattis.

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Tack för det Samuel 🙂


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