5 nights left.

Time flies and I have not had the time to make some decent updates the last couple of days. Happy New Year by the way 🙂 I have made some video updates but since daytime have been filled with preparation for bookings and taking care of guest it is still stuck in the camera. I will try to take time on Sunday to put all these together.

Right now we have had two days with plus degrees so that makes it a span on about 35 degrees during this month. I have been worried that our snowmobile trails should melt away but it looks like we still can pull it off. Major drying out of my tent was also necessary the other days since the ice crystals that had become something that looked like hair needed to be taken care of before the plus degrees came. Now the tent is dried out but with this temperature it is still moist and I don’t have time to keep on drying it with tee candles at the moment. Last night I was sleeping in only my summer sleeping bag. It was about + 4 C so no need for more. Tonight will probably be the same but then it should come colder weather ant it looks like the challenge will end on something close to -15 C.

I have decided that I will leave the tent up after the challenge ends and if or more like when we get below -30 C (and if it fits with my schedule) I will go there and sleep a couple of nights in some extreme conditions. So far all equipment has been holding up and I know that we can trust it when it comes down to taking care of our guest’s safety and comfort.

Now it’s time to tramp down the trail to the camp. Good night and don’t let the bed bugs bite 🙂

Winter Challenge is sponsored by

C2 Vertical Safety



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