3 weeks into the cold winter camping challenge

It has been a cold night and day and it will be cold over this coming night as well. I have been out snowmobiling most of the day. First I went on a trip by myself and it was about -21 degrees on the thermometer at the Lodge. I went up to a small cabin that is located beside on of my favorite forest rivers up here. I fished in this river the first time some 30+ years ago. I stayed up there for a while taking in the beautiful winter scenario. It still is so little snow so one has to drive slow through the forest and marches but well out on the two lakes that the river floats through one can give a bit gas 🙂

Back at the Lodge it was time for a cup of coffee and then start to prepare for the next round. This time I went with my neighbor and he led me though some new territories. Really beautiful with clear cold and crisp weather and the sun painted the horizon in magical colors. The thermometer showed some -25 degrees when we started and on the flatland (ices and marches) it was well below -30.

When I got back inside I feel weird by being inside in the warmth. Looking at the temp tonight it is going to be some below -20 and I have to admit that I now have to struggle and use my will power to head out to the camp tonight. I am really, really tired and that is not due to lack of sleep. My body is now so used to be outside. The last couple of days has been the same and I am sure that when I jump on my snowmobile I will wake up, which of course might give me some problems falling asleep in the tent. It would be so much easier to just lay down in my bed and have a warm night sleep but that aint gonna happen for another nine nights 🙂

I will now prepare my gear for tomorrow, another day of exploring by snowmobile and then we will try to break a track from one of our cottages on the way home. It’s going to be great to be able to get there again and also be able to bring our guests over there. This cottage is laying in a really beautiful ancient forest reserve right beside a lake with some good fishing. If it wasn’t for the fact that my body probably would go bananas, I could have been tempted to fire up the sauna there.

I did get some actions shots from the snowmobile trip today but no time to make a movie and upload it but it will be up one of these days maybe together with some more shots from tomorrow’s winter escapades.

I will also try to make a video about my winter pack as well as my sure fire kit one of these days.

Stay tuned and be well. Oh ya just one funny thing. After our return today my neighbor gave me a poster from the local newspaper. (Don’t know what it is called in English but in Swedish it would be “löpsedel”, you know the front that the papers use to sell their copies). My tent was covering this “löpsedel” since the issue had a story about my winter month. 🙂

We thank our sponsors C2 Vertical Safety, Exped and Devold for making life so much easier out in the cold and dark wilderness.

DSCN5835 DSCN5837 DSCN5858      DSCN5893    DSCN5918 DSCN5924 DSCN5927 DSCN5937

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