20 out of 30 nights have gone fast.

Yesterday was the 20th night out in the tent. It has gone really fast and now it is only 10 days left. I have not had time to update much on the blog the last couple of days since we have had guests and I have been outside as much as possible doing some ice fishing, snowmobiling and taken long walks in the forest.

Yesterday I went ice fishing and even though the best ice fishing period is still to come we did not come home empty handed. So yesterday the whole family including the dogs ate perch. Today we went for a snowmobile trip and this evening before I go to the camp I need to prepare for a snowmobile trip for tomorrow morning.  Still not enough snow everywhere but a part of the trip is to explore.

Yesterday evening while being inside in the Lodge I felt very tired and out of energy. I believe that it is due to the fact that I have been outside so much lately that the body reacts to the warm inside environment. I have a slight feeling of the same tonight and as soon as I get out I wake up.

Bet I will feel the same tomorrow evening after the whole night, morning and afternoon outside in the cold. I can really feel that my body has adapted to be out in the fresh cold air now.

I have not had the video camera with me the last couple of days but tomorrow I will bring it and I will try to get some action shots from out there.

In the meantime, stay warm, stay tuned and be well!!

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