Merry Christmas

Woke up to -22 C this morning. I checked the time when I first woke up and I got a big spray of ice in my face when I opened up my sleeping bag. Most of it showered down from the tent roof. It was only 6.30 am and I could crawl back into the warm sleeping bag, after brushing of the ice crystals for some more zzz. I slept through the night just fine and still only using one pure wool base layer of medium weight. Ok, last night I also fell a sleep with my woolen sweater on so I was still wearing it this morning. Normally I wear it when I go to bed for a while, while I am warming up the sleeping bag but now I punched out before I removed it. Temperatures will stay well below zero degrees for a while but then they will raise and one prognosis even has a plus degree after New Year. I must keep an eye on that because I have a lot of ice crystals in the tent and if it get closer to zero and a plus degree it means that it will melt into water and I cannot have that. So it will soon be necessary to do something about this.

Anyway you know it is cold when the sleeping bag almost can stand by itself. Last night during my night routine I folded up my sleeping bag and it seemed not that far from that it could have stayed in a 90 degree angle with the foot end straight up.

This morning was cold, crisp and beautiful. I got out of the tent about 7.45 am and even though it was well before sun up, it was a clear blue sky as a base and the stars sparkling and snow glittering all around me. I just stood there for a while taking in the serenity and tranquility. Not one little sound from anywhere. When I walked around the camp you could hear on the crisp sound of my foot steps that it was cold. In the horizon I could see a thin orange line where the sun was struggling to raise. Really, really beautiful morning.

Wilderness Life wishes you all a Merry Christmas!!

Winter in Swedish Lapland

Winter in Swedish Lapland

Snowmobiling in Swedish Lapland

Snowmobiling in Swedish Lapland

Snowy landscape in the wilderness

Snowy landscape in the wilderness

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One thought on “Merry Christmas

  1. Samuel Svanström

    God jul & Gott nytt år.


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