16 nights done 14 to go.

This morning it is a symbolic day. Not only am I over halfway through the Winter Challenge but we are also at the changing point of the daylight. We have reached the longest night and already tomorrow we have gained a whole minute. A minute longer day does not seem like much and it will not even be noticeable but believe you me that it really feels. Just the thought of that we are now going towards endless days can put a big smile on my face. Just imagine this coming spring with ice fishing, snowmobiling etc. in the sunlight and crisp snow.

I really appreciate the changes in seasons and conditions we have up here. Just coming from a summer with sunlight 24/7 and temperatures around the +30 C degrees (which actually was a bit to warm) to this winter with snow, ice, low temperatures and short days (or more correct long nights). The changes are so big and every season actually has its own charm and it really makes one appreciate it.

Did you know that the Sami people actually counts to eight different seasons when the standard is our normal four?

The night and morning went fine. It is about -12 C and some light snowfall and no biggies to write home about. Tomorrow it is Christmas and then the idea is to get some more video from our activities etc in the coming last two weeks. Since it is Christmas I might celebrate and change to an ice-free sleeping bag. I will try to make a special Christmas video as well, like I did Lucia, so now you are warned J

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