2 weeks completed.

Woke up completing the first two weeks to -18 C. No time to waste so it was just to get out from the warm sleeping bag and into the cold clothes and get moving. While the snowmobile was warming up I did the same. I paced around back and forward to generate heat. Not that I was really freezing, just a bit chilly since my metabolism was on its lowest point but I also didn’t want to start freezing. Remember, it is better to avoid than to treat 🙂

My hands got really cold since I only had my snowmobile mittens and no finger gloves to do the small work around the camp that needs finger work. During normal circumstances I would have had my finger gloves as a supplement but I have been neglecting it since “I’m only 1 km from the Lodge”.

Now temperatures gonna stay on this level and even drop down further so it is best that I shape up if I’m gonna stay comfortable. Like instead of struggling with a cold face in the sleeping bag, just get up and put on my balaclava. Just laziness from my side. During real circumstances I would never neglect these kind of things and I have got a good reminder how much tougher things can be when I don’t follow the five P’s (proper preparation prevents poor performance).

Now we are going out with the dogs for a while. It is clear blue sky and the sun is up for a moment so it is a nice time for a walk into the beautiful nature.

I have shot some video that will be uploaded late tonight or tomorrow morning. It is hard to keep up with everything at the moment.

Yesterday I had a visit at the camp from a journalist. Going to be in the paper again soon and radio want to make a follow up soon 🙂

Stay tuned to follow the next two weeks with more action, lover temperatures and more nature.

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