Day 4

It snowed the whole day (Wednesday) and it was still light snow fall when I hiked over to the camp. The tent had a snow cap but it was still standing 😉 Temperature around 0 to a few minus degrees. I slept through the whole night but I was VERY tired anyway. When the clock rang I first thought that it must be some kind of sick prank, but no, it was time to get up… The ventilation in the tent worked fine and no condensation issues to write home about.

The video from day 5 should have been up already since Rebecca edited it this morning but we have had some problems uploading it. It should be up soon though.

Tonight for day 5 I am bringing a surprise to the camp. Tune in for day 5 to see what it is 🙂 On Friday we are also making a special hypothermia episode among some other things on Friday. And in the weekend it will be more time for some other stuff than just sleeping 🙂

It is soon time to hike up the trails. It is still warm, around the -1 degree and still snowing 🙂

Oh, the vid is ready and up now!!


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