Day 3 of the Winter Challenge



It was a long time since I slept so well. It was around -18 when I went to bed and I only woke up one time for no obvious reason. Just checked the time (4.50 am) and went back to my timber logs. When I woke up by the clock I could feel straight away that it was a lot warmer. It had gone up to -3 during the late night/early morning.

We had well over 200 views from 12 different countries on the blog yesterday. Great but feel free to share so we can beat that number 🙂

Today it has snowed the whole day so I guess I have some work to do before I can go to sleep. I left the snowshoes at the camp so it might be some work just getting there tonight so I will head out very soon.

With the snow comes the clouds and no full-moon shine tonight so I will definitely appreciate my new headlight. If you look at the video from day 3 I am pretty sure that you will see a difference in the light while taping (I have not seen the video yet for myself) It will be uploaded shortly since Rebecca is working on it.

Oh by the way, many people have commented on my mental health going through with this but I feel pretty sane and cozy crawling in to my wilderness home into the sleeping bag 🙂

Stay tuned to follow the progress and don’t forget to comment, share! P.S. video will be up in about an hour!!!




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