First two nights done and 28 to go!


Day 1

The first night was pretty good. It was just around -8 C give or take a degree. During the night my biggest problem was that I woke up being too warm so I had to open up my sleeping bag to cool off and go back to sleep just to wake up after a while being a bit chilly. Closing the sleeping bag again and so on. I could not regulate that with removing any clothe layers since I was only wearing my base layer and socks.

Laying in the quiet tent wondering how the first night was going to be it started to snow. I really enjoy laying in the tent listening to the rain or snow tapping on the tent roof. As long as you are warm and dry inside the tent it is just like a lullaby to me 🙂

It was pretty ok getting up in the morning, still not too cold weather. The ventilation in the tent worked fine and it was no condensation to be found.

Time to head back to the Lodge and do some work. During these first two weeks I still have to be back at the office every morning but the last two weeks are planned to be spent outside a lot more.

Winter tent camp in Swedish Lapland

Winter tent camp in Swedish Lapland

Day 2

Looking at the thermometer and weather forecast I decided to have another bacon meal (like before the first night) right before I headed out to the tent. Normally I would maybe not feel it necessary to eat bacon at this temperature but I have been sick right before and a lot more frozen so I make sure that my metabolism is at its peak when I am crawling down into the sleeping bag. It doesn’t really matter how warm clothes or how warm your sleeping bag is if you yourself cannot generate the heat. So if you are to spend some time out when it is really cold make sure that you have some calories that your metabolism is working on. If I wake up one night really cold I will have some peanuts or other good calories to burn to start up my internal engine.

Also remember to stay well hydrated. First of all it is as important as in a warm summer day to keep drinking. If not you will dehydrate, it is as simple as that. When it is cold you will lose a lot of hydration from every breath you take and we all know it is easier to keep drinking that stop breathing :). If you don’t hydrate enough you will also freeze more. Your blood becomes thicker and your circulation becomes slower and you get Cold.

The 2nd night was better since it got colder. It has been around -18 during the night and it was about -13 when I got out from the tent. The lower temperature made sure that I didn’t wake up being too warm or not even to cold. All extra clothes this time was that I put on my sleeping hat in the sleeping bag.

I woke up though since I had got cold in my face and when I crawled deeper into the bag I was breathing towards the sleeping bag and got condensation in my beard. Tonight I will solve this little “problem” by simply putting on my balaclava to protect my face or I will use one of the sponsor gifts that we have received from our sponsor. I will see how it feels when I am going to sleep tonight.

Laying in the tent for the 2nd night I could not use the snow as my lullaby since there was no snow fall. But instead I could hear random “pistol shots” from some spruce trees in the area. When it freezes up they make noise like a little pistol shot or a fire cracker or similar. I think I will hear more of that tonight and will try to get it on tape. If the temp drops down even more later on I will definitely be able to tape it. After tonight the prognoses is a bit warmer and some more snow though. But I cannot say that I am sad about that. Bring on the snow and let the snowmobile season begin J looking forward taking the first trip by snowmobile instead of hiking.

Soon I will start the trails up to the camp for the third night. We received a sponsored headlight from C2 Vertical Safety. It is a Petzel Nao a reactive headlight. I will give it a review when I have had time to test it a bit. It sure is very important with good lights though since we now only have about 3 hour 45 minutes of daylight up here.

Rebecca will upload the video from day 2 during this evening.

Stay tuned to follow our progress.

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One thought on “First two nights done and 28 to go!

  1. Maria

    It’s already -18 at our place, and I’m thinking of you as I look out int the dark night. Sleep well! / Maria


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