Living in the wilderness

Richard Proenneke or Dick as he was called is another of these amazing people who went out living their dream. He quit the rat race with long working hours and routine filled life to move out into the wild and created a completely new life style for himself. He lived in the wilderness alone for almost thirty years, in his own built log cabin in Alaska. He hunted, fished and was more or less independent growing and collecting food and other necessities. It was a really good thing that he documented his activities in his diary and journals and even caught some on film. This documentation from his wonderful wilderness life later became books and documentaries.

I really got caught up when I started reading the book One Man’s Wilderness. Pretty much like when I was reading about Guy Grieves – My Escape to Alaska. Dick took it one or actually many steps further though with his close to 30 years.

There is several things that amazes me with these people. One thing is that they dare to let go and follow their dreams. Another thing is of course that they did it in the wilderness. Both Guy and Dick came from a situation where the rat race was getting to the point where they needed to do something about it. How many of us has not had that feeling at some point in our lives?

That is actually my own reason to be up here in northern Sweden and in Europe’s last wilderness. I had been coming up here on several occasions since I was a child and had for many years been enjoying the wonderful nature and freedom of the life in the wild if just for shorter periods like vacations etc.

When I got too old to travel with my folks I took a few years break. When I got a bit older I started to take my own trips up into the wilderness in northern Sweden and after I met Rebecca we went up here together for 8 years on various wilderness adventures before we actually took the step and moved up here and started our own wilderness business. We had realized that it got harder and harder every time we had to go back home and that we wanted to stay here close to the nature.

Ok, I know that our step cannot be compared to the adventures that Dick Proenneke and Guy Grieves took upon them but it was our way to quit the rat race and live out our dream – close to the nature and into the wild.

What happened to our friends Guy and Dick? Well if you read the book One Man’s Wilderness you will find out about Mr. Proenneke´s story and Guy went after his wilderness adventure back to his family. He did not go back to his old job and the rat race life he came from. He is now together with his family running an Ethical Shellfish company. You can find his twitter here.

Well that was another recommendation from my side about a person who followed their heart into the wilderness. Stay tuned for more upcoming recommendations and stories.

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