Not to cold for a swim just yet

Well, not everyone thinks that it is too cold to take a little swim just yet 🙂

Not to cold for swimming yet

Today when we walked the dogs I actually stood on the ice for the first time this season. All the smaller lakes around us has now more or less ice already. It is of course not recommended at all to stand on the ice yet but I just wanted to test it very carefully and it could already hold my weight. But I can assure you that it was a very short and careful “ice stand” because I don’t agree with the swimming bird above and for sure think that it is too cold to be swimming now J


The funny thing is that the lake right below our Lodge is called Djuptjärn. It is very deep and have very cold water. During summertime you can really feel that this lake is colder than all the other ones around. But because the depth it is always the last to lay ice. When the ice finally have set on Djuptjärn it is also always the last to let go.


Yesterday Djuptjärn had only a very thin layer at the northern shore and today about one third has laid ice. My guess is that tomorrow morning the whole lake is covered or at latest on Sunday.

Djuptjärn in Auktsjaur building ice Djuptjärn Winter in Lapland Winter in Lapland

View from Wilderness Life Lodge

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