It is getting colder!

This morning it was -8 degrees C and in the end of the week we are promised more snow. The ice has started to build up on the smaller lakes and we have now officially winter here since the average temperature has been below 0 degrees C for 5 days in a row. I am really looking forward to the winter season with snowmobiling, ice fishing and to see the wild nature all swept into the white snow.

Last night it was northern lights here but unfortunately it was too cloudy for us to be able to see it clear. But I am not worried, it will come many more northern lights in the future when it is clear sky so it is possible to enjoy the magic and spectacular show.

Today we got a last minute booking for guiding and since I was tied up at the office Rebecca took it on. It was with very short notice and within an hour Rebecca had put coffee in a thermos, made some sandwiches, packed up the gear with some extra clothes for our guest and was already sitting in the car on the way to pick the guest up in Arvidsjaur.

The guest came from Brazil and Rebecca took her on a trip into the beautiful nature reserve in Reivo and it was very popular. Good thing Rebecca brought extra clothes because it is a bit colder here now then in Brazil J

We have put a countdown counter here on the blog. It counts down to the winter challenge. Although the counter cannot figure out the exact details. It says it will be in a month but it is actually 52 days. We have already now, in mid-October -8 in the night/morning so it will be very interesting to see how low the temperature will get in December/January. I hope I survive 😉

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