Let’s go, let’s go, into the wild, let’s go.

Let’s go, let’s go, into the wild, let’s go.

Let’s get lost, let’s get lost, into the wild, let’s get lost.

I breath, I breath, into the wild, I breath.

Into the wild, into the wild, now I live, into the wild.



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Finding oneself.

Hiking in a nature reserve. There is something about knowing that there are no people around you…. for miles and miles and miles. Nothing of the so-called civilized world.

What I see around me is nature. Untouched nature. I see the cycle of life. I see seasons ending. I see new beginnings. I see life dying. I see no interference of man-kind. I am thankful for the privilege of these experiences. The ‘civilized’ world is too busy being ‘civilized’ to appreciate – acknowledge – see – respect – admire this beauty that I am surrounded by just now. They are too busy to listen to the silence. There is so much going on in their lives that they can no longer hear the silence. Me? I long for it.

I see no beauty in the city. If civilized means being away from the basic – this rustic and sometimes brutal but always amazing – nature, I do not which to be civilized. I do wish to bring other people to this way of life. If more people see, maybe more people would take care of it? 🍃🍃

But autumn is ending, the bright yellows are turning into dull browns and beiges. One more storm and all will be gone.

That can only mean one thing….. Winter is coming!!!

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Photoshoot with a dog….

So we went hiking today! And since it was beautiful in the nature reserve that we were at, I decided to do a photoshoot with Raya….

Raya is an 11 year-old german shepherd that we have had the pleasure and privilege of knowing since she was a pup. She is amazing in every sense of the word. She has character and humor, compassion and strength. And I think she might have a bug up her butt…. she could not sit still today!!

But happy she was. Running around being mischievous, eating ‘pinnes’ (sticks) which she is not allowed to, walking off going on little adventures, again, which she is not allowed to… trying to eat our snacks, you guessed it; which she is not allowed to.

She was not on her best behavior today, my little girl, and this is the result… But check out the last two pictures🙂 There is wisdom in those eyes. My Raya, my girl. So much love.




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The feelings of autumn.

Hi everyone!

Autumn has arrived in Swedish Lapland! Right now I would probably tell you that this is the most beautiful season we have up here…. but I will probably also write that about winter in a few months.

I fall in love with every season as they come, every time all over again! The colors I see when I hike through the woods are bright yellows, oranges, deep ochers, chocolate browns, crimson reds mixed with scarlet with a background of mighty pine and spruce trees that have turned a dark shade of green. Then you arrive at a mirror-blank lake and all of this beauty is reflected into the deep, clear waters. It is A-M-A-Z-I-N-G. It is nature at its finest and it is here where I find myself over and over again. To hike through these woods away from the world that calls itself civilized, and into beauty – into the wild – is what I want to do.

Too few people see this beauty. I think the world would be more at peace if more people could see it. 

I can share a thousand pictures with you of how beautiful it is but you will never be able to grasp it until you come see it for yourself. We have Europes last wilderness up here. It is great and it is powerful. The smells, the life – it all feels so real up here. The wildlife is totally in sync with the nature it is surrounded with. I admire them, I envy them.



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Wonderful wildlife!

Hi there! Just wanted to share with you what happened today.

I went out to take some pictures of the color transformation that is happening right now. Autumn is a very short season up here because the cold usually sets in soon after summer. So when the colors of nature change from summer to autumn, it happens fast. It is bright & beautiful but to catch it on camera you really have to be fast.

So after todays meeting with the tourist board I took my camera & my dogs and headed out. I was happily taking pictures of a lovely stream when I hear the sounds of an otter…. an otter family moved in! I have been to this stream many times before but have never had the privilege of meeting these funny & adorable creatures. One of them was a bit upset, probably because of my dogs, another was swimming around and one was munching away on something that looked like a mushroom. ….. And I had my camera……🙂



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We are back :)

Hey everyone!! Long time no see🙂 . It has been very busy over here in Swedish Lapland but we will try to keep our blog updated from now on.


The summer season has almost ended and the cold has set in. We have had our first frosty nights!

It has been a very good summer with lots of guiding, fishing, surviving, camping, some more guiding and some more guiding! We had people from all over the world visiting and we have had many many happy customers! It is great to see the enthusiasm on peoples faces when they arrive for a week out in the bush. And the looks on their faces when they catch that all important fish! Good times…


Yesterday I went out with camera and warm clothes to capture the Northern Lights. And it did not disappoint! Beautiful streams of green, yellow even some blues and reds moving along the skyline. It really is a magnificent sight. It leaves me in aw every time.

We have perfect conditions to see the Northern Lights up here. Come join us for a snowmobile Safari out into the wilderness, into the darkness to search for the Northern Lights. It is an amazing feeling to drive out into the woods, turn off the snowmobiles….. First complete darkness, then, if lucky, the sky turns flashes of green which dances above you. And the silence. Complete silence.




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The Challenge is over.

30 nights in an unheated tent just south of the Arctic Circle is over. I have not had time to do any vids or updates on the blog for the last period of time but I have shot some video for some of the final days (some ice fishing, snowmobiling etc.) that I will try to upload in the weekend.

Warmest temperature +5 degrees C. Coldest temperature -30 degrees C. All in all we got to test our equipment during actual circumstances and we can feel happy and safe with it. I hope that we will see some colder days in the future so that we can find out what the extreme temp of our sleeping bag is. Down to -30 degrees C has not been any problem. Of course with the right clothes on the body and the right food and plenty of hydration in the body.

A special thank you to C2 Vertical Safety, Exped and Devold who has sponsored this challenge and made my life out there so much better. A special thanks to the Petzl Nao headlight that has not let me down at any time. This little fellow will certainly be one of my trusted friends on my future adventures.

Check back in the weekend for the final videos and updates about this 30 night Adventure🙂

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5 nights left.

Time flies and I have not had the time to make some decent updates the last couple of days. Happy New Year by the way :) I have made some video updates but since daytime have been filled with preparation for bookings and taking care of guest it is still stuck in the camera. I will try to take time on Sunday to put all these together.

Right now we have had two days with plus degrees so that makes it a span on about 35 degrees during this month. I have been worried that our snowmobile trails should melt away but it looks like we still can pull it off. Major drying out of my tent was also necessary the other days since the ice crystals that had become something that looked like hair needed to be taken care of before the plus degrees came. Now the tent is dried out but with this temperature it is still moist and I don’t have time to keep on drying it with tee candles at the moment. Last night I was sleeping in only my summer sleeping bag. It was about + 4 C so no need for more. Tonight will probably be the same but then it should come colder weather ant it looks like the challenge will end on something close to -15 C.

I have decided that I will leave the tent up after the challenge ends and if or more like when we get below -30 C (and if it fits with my schedule) I will go there and sleep a couple of nights in some extreme conditions. So far all equipment has been holding up and I know that we can trust it when it comes down to taking care of our guest’s safety and comfort.

Now it’s time to tramp down the trail to the camp. Good night and don’t let the bed bugs bite🙂

Winter Challenge is sponsored by

C2 Vertical Safety



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3 weeks into the cold winter camping challenge

It has been a cold night and day and it will be cold over this coming night as well. I have been out snowmobiling most of the day. First I went on a trip by myself and it was about -21 degrees on the thermometer at the Lodge. I went up to a small cabin that is located beside on of my favorite forest rivers up here. I fished in this river the first time some 30+ years ago. I stayed up there for a while taking in the beautiful winter scenario. It still is so little snow so one has to drive slow through the forest and marches but well out on the two lakes that the river floats through one can give a bit gas🙂

Back at the Lodge it was time for a cup of coffee and then start to prepare for the next round. This time I went with my neighbor and he led me though some new territories. Really beautiful with clear cold and crisp weather and the sun painted the horizon in magical colors. The thermometer showed some -25 degrees when we started and on the flatland (ices and marches) it was well below -30.

When I got back inside I feel weird by being inside in the warmth. Looking at the temp tonight it is going to be some below -20 and I have to admit that I now have to struggle and use my will power to head out to the camp tonight. I am really, really tired and that is not due to lack of sleep. My body is now so used to be outside. The last couple of days has been the same and I am sure that when I jump on my snowmobile I will wake up, which of course might give me some problems falling asleep in the tent. It would be so much easier to just lay down in my bed and have a warm night sleep but that aint gonna happen for another nine nights🙂

I will now prepare my gear for tomorrow, another day of exploring by snowmobile and then we will try to break a track from one of our cottages on the way home. It’s going to be great to be able to get there again and also be able to bring our guests over there. This cottage is laying in a really beautiful ancient forest reserve right beside a lake with some good fishing. If it wasn’t for the fact that my body probably would go bananas, I could have been tempted to fire up the sauna there.

I did get some actions shots from the snowmobile trip today but no time to make a movie and upload it but it will be up one of these days maybe together with some more shots from tomorrow’s winter escapades.

I will also try to make a video about my winter pack as well as my sure fire kit one of these days.

Stay tuned and be well. Oh ya just one funny thing. After our return today my neighbor gave me a poster from the local newspaper. (Don’t know what it is called in English but in Swedish it would be “löpsedel”, you know the front that the papers use to sell their copies). My tent was covering this “löpsedel” since the issue had a story about my winter month.🙂

We thank our sponsors C2 Vertical Safety, Exped and Devold for making life so much easier out in the cold and dark wilderness.

DSCN5835 DSCN5837 DSCN5858      DSCN5893    DSCN5918 DSCN5924 DSCN5927 DSCN5937

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20 out of 30 nights have gone fast.

Yesterday was the 20th night out in the tent. It has gone really fast and now it is only 10 days left. I have not had time to update much on the blog the last couple of days since we have had guests and I have been outside as much as possible doing some ice fishing, snowmobiling and taken long walks in the forest.

Yesterday I went ice fishing and even though the best ice fishing period is still to come we did not come home empty handed. So yesterday the whole family including the dogs ate perch. Today we went for a snowmobile trip and this evening before I go to the camp I need to prepare for a snowmobile trip for tomorrow morning.  Still not enough snow everywhere but a part of the trip is to explore.

Yesterday evening while being inside in the Lodge I felt very tired and out of energy. I believe that it is due to the fact that I have been outside so much lately that the body reacts to the warm inside environment. I have a slight feeling of the same tonight and as soon as I get out I wake up.

Bet I will feel the same tomorrow evening after the whole night, morning and afternoon outside in the cold. I can really feel that my body has adapted to be out in the fresh cold air now.

I have not had the video camera with me the last couple of days but tomorrow I will bring it and I will try to get some action shots from out there.

In the meantime, stay warm, stay tuned and be well!!

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